Furniture Care

Upholstered Furniture:

  • Dirt and dust act like glass particles, cutting small threads and fibers of the fabric. All yarns, regardless of their reputation or grade, are subject to this abrasive action. Vacuuming should reduce this type of damage.
  • To keep your upholstered furniture looking new longer, vacuum your furniture once weekly. You should vacuum the seat cushion, inside arms, and inside backs. This is one of the most important things you can do to eliminate fabric problems.
  • Rotating your upholstered cushions once a week will help them maintain their shape. This is especially important if you frequently sit in the same position.
  • Animals such as cats and dogs are extremely abrasive on upholstery fabrics and they should not be allowed on your furniture. Fabric manufacturers will not honor warranties of any type if evidence of pet use is found.
  • Never expose upholstery fabrics to direct sunlight for any lengthy period of time.
  • Never remove cushion covers even if they have zippers.
  • If you take the time to vacuum your upholstery, rotate your cushions, and adhere to these simple guidelines, your new furniture will give you many years of quality service.


Leather Furniture:

  • Taking care of your top grain cowhide leather upholstery is easier than caring for many fabrics. For normal use, dust and vacuum weekly and avoid direct sunlight. Avoid placing your leather furniture near windows or under skylights. Direct exposure to heating vents can damage your leather furniture as well. Heating vents can cause the leather to dry out.
  • For soiled areas, just moisten a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap, such as Ivory or Castile, and lukewarm water, and apply gently to all soiled portions of the leather surface. Remove any lather, and wipe with a clean damp cloth. Dry with another soft cloth, rubbing gently to restore the original luster.
  • Never use polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents, or detergents to clean leather upholstery. Using any of these may cause smears, color streaking, and/or damage to the leather surface.
  • Regular use of Leather Master Cleaning & Protection Products will extend the usable life of your leather furniture.
  • As a general rule, fully clean your furniture with Leather Master Soft cleaner at least every six months to remove dirt as well as the gradual accumulation of body oils and perspiration. After cleaning, reapply Protection Cream to the leather to renew the protection level.
  • You can locate Leather Master Cleaning and Protection Products by calling 1-888-825-6551 in the US, or visiting


UFAC Safety Information

King Hickory Furniture Company, Inc. certifies that your new King Hickory furniture is made in accordance with the new, improved UFAC methods, designed to reduce the likelihood of furniture fires from cigarettes. However, upholstery fires are still possible.


Some materials used in upholstery, when ignited, will burn rapidly and emit toxic gases. Remember to practice careful smoking habits. For early warning, equip your home with properly placed smoke detectors and maintain them regularly.


UFAC, the Upholstered Furniture Action Council is a voluntary industry association organized to conduct research into more cigarette resistant upholstered furniture. For more information, write UFAC Box 2436, High Point, NC 27261.


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