Old Gray Trunk square feet on hand: 522.1 sqft
surface grain:
Full Grain
1.0 - 1.2 mm
special effects:
Pull Up effect
finish origin:
hide size:
50 sq ft (approximate)
A (View our Leather Protection Guide for further instructions)


Note: Leather is a natural product with normal variations in color, grain and texture. No guarantee can be made of an exact match. Expect color variation.






DESCRIPTION: This leather builds on the success of the Brompton concept, but more wax has been impregnated into a thinner raw material and a duller finish has been added to provide a more rustic, worn appearance. This leather is unique in that it comes in almost completely uniform but through production and handling the lighter undertone becomes evident and the antique becomes apparent. Wear and use will continue to burnish and polish this leather thus further enhancing the overall effect of an antiqued appearance.Old Attic is a natural full grain leather. The hides have not been altered in any way during the tanning process. Shade variation is normal and areas of hides abosorb dyes differently, so natural dye lot variations will occur. Remember that a swatch is a general representation of the leather's color and texture, not an exact match. Scars, marks, and branding are not flaws but rather are proof of authenticity, what we call "hallmarks of the trail". Leathers will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Old Attic is a pull up leather which means color diffusion and "burst" will occur when worked by hand. If any of these characteristics is a problem please consider a "painted" leather. One that has been corrected and heavily pigmented.