JURASSIC DARK ALE square feet on hand: 257.9 sqft
surface grain:
Full Grain
1.1 - 1.3 mm
special effects:
Wax Pull Up/Embossed
finish origin:
hide size:
40-50 square feet (approximate)
A (View our Leather Protection Guide for further instructions)


Note: Natural Color will vary by hide. Remember that a swatch is a general representation of the leather's color and texture, not an exact match. Scars, marks, and branding are not flaws but rather are proof of authenticity. Expect color variation.






DESCRIPTION: New reversed crocodile embossing on our classic This natural leather is produced on the finest hides available, then processed with pure water straight from the Italian alps. Tremendous "burst" or pull-up; areas of tension show up as lighter color. Jurassic will burnish and polish, becoming even more beautiful with wear. This leather is unique because it can also be used with the suede side up to display its crocodile pattern.