Nile Anthracite square feet on hand: 259.3 sqft
surface grain:
Full Grain
1.2 - 1.4 mm
special effects:
Hand rubbed, embossed
finish origin:
hide size:
42-45 sq ft (approximate)
P (View our Leather Protection Guide for further instructions)


Note: Natural Color will vary by hide. Remember that a swatch is a general representation of the leather's color and texture, not an exact match. Scars, marks, and branding are not flaws but rather are proof of authenticity.






DESCRIPTION: Nile Anthracite is a leather used to accent many of today’s home interiors. The leather hide is first embossed with a large crocodile grain and then colored by applying two base color coats of micro pigments. The leather is then “wiped-off” to give it a contrast of colors utilizing the base color combination. This color contrast is further accented by two additional top coat colors that are “wiped-on” by hand to give the leather a beautiful antique look. The last step is to slightly protect the hand work of the Nile Anthracite with a lacquer topcoat that provides great depth and warmth to the finished product.