Cory Sofa
The Cory is designed to bring comfort to smaller spaces. First, choose a style: a sofa, chair or sectional. Then, cover it in a fabric or leather of your liking. The Cory should be configured to fit your home perfectly, and serve as a haven of comfort for the whole family.




Cory Leather Sofa 2100-TAM-L

overall dimensions:
H 35 W 74 D 34
seating dimensions:
H 16 W 64 D 20
Seat Height: 19
Arm Height: 24
standard features:
Seat Cushions: Comfort Down
Back Pillows: Velcro Semi-Attached
Throw Pillows: 2 P19
Standard Finish: Warm Brown (No Finish Options)
Body: Applause Acorn




All Dimensions are Approximate

Cory: 2101-NAM-F
Cory Sectional
Cory: 2100-SAT-F
Cory: 2101-SAT-F
Cory Sectional
Cory Sectional
Cory Sectional
Cory: 2100-SAM-F
Cory: 2100-SAT-F
Cory: 2100-NAM-F
Cory: 2100-PLS-F
Cory: 2101-PLS-F
Cory: 2101-PAS-F
Cory: 2101-NAM-L
Cory: 2101-TAM-L
Cory: 2100-TLM-LF
Cory Sectional
Cory: 2100-SAM-F


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