Whitney Sofa
The Whitney is built for comfort. Plush seat cushions and comfortable lumbar support allows for endless lounging. Clean lines detail the piece and make it as stylish as it is comfortable. Choose your arm, back, base and material to customize the Whitney perfectly for your home.




Whitney Sofa 6400-TAW-L

overall dimensions:
H 38 W 90 D 42
seating dimensions:
H 19 W 75 D 25
Seat Height: 19
Arm Height: 25
standard features:
Seat Cushions: Comfort Down
Back Pillows: Velcro Semi-attached
Throw Pillows: 2 P21, 3 P2817
Standard Finish: Aged Gray (or Warm Brown)




All Dimensions are Approximate

whitney: 6400-TLW-F
whitney: 6400-TLG-F
whitney: 6400-TLG-F
whitney: 6400-PLG-F
whitney: 6400-RAW-F
whitney: 6400-TLG-F
whitney: 6400-RLW-F
whitney: 6401-TAG-L
whitney: 6400-RLG-F
whitney: 6401-RLG-F
whitney: 6400-TLG-F
whitney: 6401-TLG-F
whitney: 6400-PLG-LF
whitney: 6401-PLG-LF
Whitney Sectional
Whitney Sectional