Loft Express Sofa
The Loft Sofa and chair are part of our express delivery program. All 3 arms of the loft are available in the express program. Go to materials/fabrics/select "express" and press "search" for a complete listing of available express fabrics.




Loft Sofa 3200-TLG-F

overall dimensions:
H 36 W 82 D 37
seating dimensions:
H 17 W 72 D 23
Seat Height: 19
Arm Height: 25
standard features:
Seat Cushions: High Resiliency
Back Pillows: Loose
Throw Pillows: 2 P21
Standard Finish: Warm Brown or Aged Gray




All Dimensions are Approximate

bentley express sectional
shannon express: C48-01-S
bentley express: 4495-PLB-F
bentley express: 4400-SLM-F
bentley express: 4400-PAB-F
scottsdale express: 2885
scottsdale express: 2801
scottsdale express sectional:
bentley express: 4401-PLB-F
Loft express: 3201-tlg-f
brandy express: 5700-33G-F
brandy express: 5701-W-F
brandy express: 5795-33S-F
brandy express: 5755-S-F
winston express: 7400-SLM-F
winston express: 7401-slm-f