Chatham Fabric Chair
The Chatham chair is part of the “Custom Comfort” program. Customize your comfort by choosing your sofa arm, back, base, and finally your material.




Chatham Fabric Chair 5901-SLS-F

overall dimensions:
H 39 W 41 D 38
seating dimensions:
H 18 W 24 D 22
Seat Height: 21
Arm Height: 24
standard features:
Seat Cushions: High Resiliency
Back Pillows: Loose


also available: 5908-S-F Chatham Ottoman (H 18 W 30 D 25)



All Dimensions are Approximate

chatham: 5965-SLS-F
chatham sectional
chatham companion chair: 5901-PAT-L
chatham: 5900-TLM-LF
chatham: 5900-SLS-F
chatham: 5900-TLM-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-TLM-F
chatham sectional
chatham sectional
chatham: 5900-PLT-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-ELS-F
chatham: 5965-PAT-F
chatham: 5900-EAT-L
chatham: 5900-PLS-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-PLS-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-SLS-F
chatham: 5975-EAT-L
chatham sectional
chatham: 5995-ELT-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-ELT-F
chatham: 5900-PAM-F
chatham companion chair: 5901-EAT-F


Companion Items:
chatham: 5900-SLS-F