Henson Sofa
The Henson sofa is part of the “Custom Comfort” program. Customize your comfort by choosing your sofa arm, back, base, and finally your material.




Henson Fabric Sofa 6000-EBT-F

overall dimensions:
H 38 W 91 D 42
seating dimensions:
H 18 W 78 D 26
Seat Height: 20
Arm Height: 25
standard features:
Seat Cushions: Comfort Down
Back Pillows: Loose
Throw Pillows: 4 P23
Standard Finish: Warm Brown (No Finish Options)


also available: 6020-EBT-F Loveseat (H 38 W 70 D 42), 6075-EBT-F Studio Sofa (H 38 W 83 D 42).



All Dimensions are Approximate


henson companion chair: 6001-EBT-F



henson: 6000-PBT-F
henson: 6000-SKS-F
henson: 6065-TKM-F
henson: 6000-EBT-LF
henson: 6000-PAT-L
henson: 6000-pam-l
henson: 6000-EBT-LF
henson: 6000-PBM-F
henson: 6075-TKM-LF